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Fashion And Stylin Tips For A Plus Sized Woman

Fashion And Stylin' Tips For A Plus Sized Woman

By Jill A Cooper

You want to wear what?
Ever notice how when you're at the mall there are dozens of stores for 'them', but only one or two stores for the plus sized shopper?

Thanks to the internet you're no longer limited in your selections, but the sheer amount of stores available online can be daunting. Let's put things into perspective and first see what you should not be wearing.

What not to wear
First things first, sweat pants and sweat shirts don't look good on anybody. Have you seen Britney and her wardrobe choices lately? Nuff said. Baggy is out. I know, I know, you don't want anyone to see that extra roll, or those larger than life thighs. But, baggy clothes only make you look bigger. And nobody wants that. You will look slimmer if you dress appropriately for your body size.

But, on the flip side you don't want to go super tight either. What you want are clothes that fit your plus sized body properly. Several things to ask yourself:

  • does the seam of your waist roll down when you sit;
  • do you constantly have to tug on your shirts to keep everything under wraps.
  • Are the sleeves of your shirt so tight that your arms have fallen asleep?

What you're looking for is the Goldie Locks principle of shopping. Not too tight. Not too baggy. Juusst right.

Trends: Some trends work on us curvy girls better than others. Skinny jeans I'm afraid is one of those others. Sure, it'd be great to be able to wear every trend that is available to us; skinny jeans; jeans tucked into our boots without making us look like fisherman. Unfortunately some things ain't mean to happen. Dress for your body type and not what's in style. When the fad is over anyway, your ATM card will thank you for it.

Now that we've talked about what not to wear, let's see what we should be doing for your body type. And what is with all the fruit comparisons?

Apple or Pear

What body type are you? Apples tend to have very little waist where as their hips, waist, and chest are within 3 inches difference of each other.

Pears tend to appear cinched in the middle and may be top or bottom heavy, with at least a 4-6 inch difference. But remember guys like a little junk in our trunk! And depending on the guy, he might like alot!

If you're a petite plus sized girl and an apple, you will want looks that elongate your legs and give you height. Dress or skirt length should be no longer than your knee. Pair this with a pair of boots or sling back with even just a modest heel will trick the eye into giving you height.

Another day to day trick: Wear bootcut jeans with heels. The hem should just cover the back of your shoe. It will make you appear leaner and taller to all that meet you and who wouldn't want that?

To fake an hour class figure, a belt around your middle is great. If you're self conscious about that, a short jacket will do wonders. Either something leather or something trendy. If it ends just before your waist it will trick the eye into seeing some curves where there are none.

Empire waist dresses and shirts are a great way to flaunt this shape. Jeans should never be baggy or it will add thickness. High Heels are friend to all fruit. Don't be afraid of the heel.

Jill Cooper is a Plus Sized Beauty and contributor author to as well as

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